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Calling All Homeowners, Builders, Realtors and Brokers: Peggy Ryan Marchese Is Your Secret Weapon for Success

Peggy Ryan MarcheseName: Peggy Ryan Marchese

I am a: Certified professional home stager who is the founder and creative director of Upstaged; an interior designer; an artist; and a licensed Realtor. I’m also, and most importantly, mom to two amazing kids.

Upstaged is: The premier home staging and redesign company of Monmouth county. We are nationally certified and members of the Real Estate Stagers Association of America.

I love staging because: It’s the synthesis of my more than 15 years of combined experience in interior design and real estate. I have always been excited by the transforming power of decorating. I love creating spaces that draw people in. Staging is so much more than decorating space though because it has a very specific and strategic purpose. It’s a science and an art. We stage a home to maximize the selling potential by creating the visual of the lifestyle that the buyer cannot resist. My clients are amazed when they see how their home can look so dramatically different.

My style is: Calm, clean and uncluttered. It’s a balance of classic and modern, warm and inviting, smart and sophisticated.

Good staging should: Transform a house into a living, breathing representation of a desired lifestyle that creates a demand for the property.

Right now I’m obsessed with: Reaching as many potential clients as I possibly can. I believe that educating and empowering Realtors and homeowners is extremely important. I am also very excited about building my inventory of furnishings and accessories to add/complement my occupied staging projects and to stage vacant homes.

Staging is: Such a win-win…and yet it seems to me that the average consumer is unfamiliar with how it works and what its advantage is.

It’s my goal to: Create an environment in my beloved local real estate market where every home is staged to perfection; deliver excellence in service to every client; bring in top dollar for every staged home, while dramatically reducing the number of days it’s on the market. I would love it if every seller received multiple offers on day one!

I tell my clients that: Staging is a critical part of the process of selling any home —irrespective of its price. When a home is properly and professionally staged, it will outshine the competition —no doubt about it! Professional staging will bring in more buyers and get their homes sold for more money in less time. If they can trust the process, they will be amazed by the results!

My motto is: Everything we touch turns to sold!

I promise: I will do everything in my power to exceed my clients’ expectations.

I love what I do because: I get to help people through a typically stressful process. My team of experts will ease the burden of preparing a home for sale. We often assist clients in the difficult task of downsizing and even come up with solutions for storage and moving. We will address and implement any recommended repair or renovations that would enhance the value of the home and finally stage each room to perfection. I also love the fact that each project is as unique as the seller and the home. My work is continually challenging my creativity, which gives me countless opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. My job is both exciting and rewarding on all levels –and for that I am so very blessed!