We do…especially when it comes to buying a home.

At Upstaged, we know that first impressions are formed within about 5 to 7 seconds of entering a home. In fact, most buyers fall “in love” with their new home in the entry foyer; whether they are aware of it or not.

Why?…Because home is not a place…it’s a feeling.

More importantly, it really is all about LOVE.

How often do we hear a woman say “I love that kitchen” or see the stars in a man’s eyes as he discovers the 4 car heated garage with the epoxy floor!!

We believe that for every home their is an “ideal buyer”, a “perfect match” and our brand of professional home staging is your matchmaker.

We create the “vision of the lifestyle” that your buyer aspires to and when they feel it they fall in love.

So, if you are thinking about listing your home this spring, let us make it irresistible!

We LOVE what we do and you will too!